Are you thinking about buying gym management software? Thinking about these seven facts before making your purchase will help you make the right choice!

When you are just starting out, it might be easy to handle your business operations manually. However, every successful business owner reaches a pain point with continued organizational growth.

In such cases, the adoption of business management software is the only solution to keep your company running smoothly.

I have seen many fitness club owners or managers struggling with the same thing. Firstly, they can’t decide the right time to install the gym management software for their business. And secondly, they find the process of selecting and installing a software solution too overwhelming.

Fear not, I am here to help you with the selection of gym management software. Let’s talk about the different kinds in detail.

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The Role of Gym Management Software

Gym management software is an online application that helps you streamline daily operational activities, such as billing and payments, scheduling, and bookings. An advanced management software acts as a self-kiosk through which you can plan your members’ diet, track the attendance of employees, schedule shifts, and keep workers updated through SMS or emails.

​When Is the Right Time to Install a Gym Management Software?

There is no specific best time to install gym management software. It might vary from business to business. Some prefer to install the system prior to opening up the club. Whereas, a few others decide to implement it when your membership starts to expand. Once you have more than twenty to thirty members in your gym, it can be quite challenging to track attendance and collect payments manually using spreadsheets.

Another added advantage of using a gym management software is that it helps you stay competitive by increasing your work efficiency. Once you’ve made the decision to install a gym management software, it brings us to the next thing. That is, how to make the right pick?

How to Select the Right Gym Management Software?

With so many options available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to make a choice. Every business has unique needs, and thus you need to make sure that your software solutions fit those needs.

Here are the seven factors that you need to consider before actually buying a software product.

1. User-Friendliness and Responsiveness

The foremost thing to consider is how easy software is for you to use. The platform must have an intuitive interface so that even a non-tech savvy person can use it. It’s equally important to have a responsive system so that adopting new technology isn’t such a daunting task.

The software is there to make your task easy and not complicate matters any further. Your staff should be able to see how this software provides them with better service than before. In short, find a solution that is easy to use and learn.

2. Multiple Device Support

Cloud technology has enabled people to run businesses from anywhere across the globe. People are always on the go. That’s why the software you choose must be hosted on the cloud so that you can access the system from anywhere. You will just need a good internet connection.

Additionally, cloud-based software should be accessible and compatible on all devices, including desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

3. Easy Access for the Employee

If you want to streamline your operational activities, your employees need to have easy access to the system. In fact, nowadays, many software offers a mobile app version for your employees.

Using the app, they will be able to perform simple features to efficiently manage the schedule on-the-go. For instance, they will be able to view the class timetable on their device, book or cancel a member’s booking, mark their attendance, and much more.

4. Easy and Understandable Software Features

Yet again, there are many features available in the gym management software. Depending on your unique business needs, you can add or remove the modules you want.

However, certain functionalities are crucial for your system. A software should act as a centralized database for all your business information, and it should be easily accessible from a single dashboard.

Besides, it should offer seamless integration with other existing systems like CRM software. This will help the smooth transfer of information from one system to another and help salespeople to close on more leads.

Some of the other features you should look for include tracking and maintaining attendance, membership management, payment processing, scheduling and calendar view, reporting, and the ability to analyze members’ profiles.

5. Current Known Bugs

Many software programs have inconvenient bugs that can hamper your daily operations. Before purchasing a software solution, do some thorough research on the technical issues you might face. Read the reviews and learn about other customers’ experiences.

Most importantly, the vendor should provide you with an active and reliable support group to keep the system running. If the team is not available for instant assistance, it would mean a loss for your business. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for a company that offers average customer service.

6. Cost Implication

Another significant factor to consider when selecting a software solution is the cost implication. Even before you start shortlisting software, you need to first shortlist the features that you will require and the budget you can spend on it.

Nowadays, most gym management software is cloud-based and is available with a monthly subscription fee. The charges depend on the number of staff, the number of members in the gym, and the number of branches. There are various packages to choose from. Select the one that has all the functionality you need. Otherwise, you will end up paying for modules you don’t need.

7. Security

And lastly, you need to select a software solution that offers a high-security level.

For instance, it should have a two-way authentication system when a user signs in. It’s essential that the card payment details of users are securely stored. Furthermore, user credentials should be encrypted, and data should be safely backed up in the cloud daily.


To conclude, many vendors offer a free trial of a solution before you actually have to buy it. I recommend you to avail the free trial and see how it functions. If it feels right, go ahead, make your purchase, and watch your gym business grow!

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Kiran Bajpai

Kiran Bajpai

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