Does your eCommerce business need to increase online sales without a lot of fuss?

Even the best companies experience a slump in online sales once in a while.  If your business needs to increase online sales without a lot of fuss or expense, we can help.  Here are 7 simple ways to increase online sales at your organization.

1. Reposition your opt-in offer
For those unfamiliar with term, an opt-in offer is how you entice sales leads to provide their contact information, especially email addresses, so you can build a larger list of subscribers.   If you haven’t seen an increase if your subscriber numbers lately, consider moving the opt-in offer to another spot on your website to attract more attention.  The opt-in offer should be on every page of the website such as in the header or footer, to ensure that no matter where the website visitor is on your site, they can opt-in at anytime.

2. List product or service benefits in your headline
It’s widely known that people have very short attention spans and strong competition has never been greater.  This makes listing the benefits of what you are selling more important than ever. The headline is the first thing that is seen and you need them to be swayed enough to consider your company further.  Use your headline to tell your website visitors that the product or service is and what it does for them. For example instead of “ABC Athletic Shoes: Quality You Can Trust” try something like “Finally an Athletic Shoe That Motivates Me to Hit the Gym After Work!”

3. Increase trust by adding credibility to your website copy
Copy (fancy marketing word for ‘text’) can really build and enhance your brand’s credibility and increase online sales. Despite how many times you run a marketing campaign with a sleek photo and a catchy headline, sometimes it’s not quite as effective as a sincere testimonial from a satisfied customer that has used your product or service. Talk to a customer and get a good quote or two about why he or she is a loyal customer.  Get their permission to use that quote and while you are at it, get a good high-quality professional photo that you can use on your website and in any advertisements.  Another way to leverage this tactic to increase online sales is to tout the credentials of your organization.  How many years has the company been in business (especially compared to competitors), what research is done to ensure quality for your products?  Aim to convenience your target audience that your brand is the best choice to help solve their problem.

4. Offer just one service or product on your homepage
While this strategy might not work for everyone, it is certainly worth a try. Does your website have a rotating banner for example, that lists numerous items one at a time to try to entice a visitor to learn more about that product or service? If so, that tactic might be resulting in your target audience not taking any action and leaving your website completely.  Instead of trying to please everyone with a larger selection but with minimal detail, select one product or service category and really key in on why they should consider your company over the competitors.  What are the benefits, and maybe some common questions and answers. Run a test on your website for a few weeks and see what the results are for your business.

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increase online sales

5. Entice website visitors with a sense of urgency
It is a known fact that if you do not motivate someone to take action then they won’t.  While this might be one of the most simplistic concepts, it worth noting because it really works. It’s always important to have a strong call to action (what action you want your customer to take) and a motivator to do it sooner rather than later. Some possible ideas include a limited time price discount, limited quantity of a certain product or service, or bonuses for orders made during the limited time frame.  This can often increase online sales and keep your revenue up even if you’d hit a sales slump.

6. Add images to make your product or service more desirable
Pictures of your product make it seem more real for your website visitors.  If you sell a service, see if you can take photos of a customer’s workplace to add a touch of authenticity to your marketing photos. Limit the amount of purchases stock photography whenever possible, because using the same photo as half of dozen of your competitors is never a good thing.  Use your eye-catching photos to highlight product benefits and value and then reinforce that in your website copy. If you are looking to take your website’s use of photos to the next level, change their placement on the website and in relation to the call to action to see what generates the biggest response.

7. Implement a strong sales follow up system to increase online sales
When in the final staging of fine-tuning your eCommerce website, it is important to align your business goals with your marketing practices.  Blitz can be used as a sales and marketing follow up system to send communications at those crucial moments of the sales cycle to nurture the lead and to turn that prospect into a paying customer. Create workflows for both those that buy and those that do not buy.  This provides you the opportunity to reframe your offer to increase online sales with effective follow up communications.

increase online sales

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How has your business been able to increase online sales? What have you changed and why to increase revenue and sales numbers? Share your feedback in the comments below!