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“Chalkboard” by Davie

With the weather cooling down and August rolling into September, many families are getting their children prepared for the first day of school. As parents, you hope that your children receive all of the schooling and support they’ll need to succeed as adults. We here at Blitz Lead Manager would like to help your business be successful in tracking and managing your contacts. The first lesson we’d like to teach you is that Blitz is an all-in-one, comprehensive contact management system that combines all the tools your company needs to improve your lead tracking. The second lesson is that a desktop CRM lacks many of these important tools. Below you’ll find 7 reasons why Blitz Contact Management Software Schools a Desktop CRM every day of the week:

1.)  Blitz is Accessible

Desktop CRMs are installed on one computer and can only be accessed from that computer. Since Blitz is a web-based sales software, you can conveniently access it anywhere, even on your mobile device! All you need to start managing your contacts right away is a decent Internet connection.

2.)  Blitz is Always on the Latest and Greatest Version

Desktop CRMs require you to be constantly taking time out of your busy work schedule to update the CRM. We automatically update Blitz software for you so you can avoid waiting around for a lengthy download.

3.)  Blitz is Always Backed Up

When you use a desktop CRM, you run the risk of forgetting to save changes or losing information due to a computer crash. With Blitz online contact management software, all of your data is backed up in our online database. So should your computer crash, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data.

4.)  Blitz is More Secure

Imagine if your laptop that contained your desktop CRM was stolen. Unlike a desktop CRM, Blitz’s web-based lead tracking software protects your data by requiring a username and password login. Our site is 128-bit encrypted, and any transmissions from the site get encrypted. This means that you and your data are effectively protected from any potential online threats.

5.)  Blitz is More Customizable

With Blitz Lead Manager, you get to choose how you’d like to lay out your main page, how you’d like to assign leads, how you’d like to organize your campaign, etc.

6.)  Blitz Provides More Training and Support

With a desktop CRM, you usually have to pay for updates and support. The cost of updates and support are included in your payments for Blitz’s system, and we offer free training sessions and web sharing sessions.

7.)  Blitz Allows you to Prospect and Market through Workflow

Blitz’s workflow functionality allows you to automate emails and schedule follow-ups directly from Blitz. Desktop CRMs don’t have this capability.