Smaller businesses can benefit from these tips to use their sales lead tracking software to build more relationships.

Your company has sales leads, yes.  But to turn them to actual revenue you first need to nurture the lead to build the relationship. Here are 6 ways to make better use of your sales lead tracking software.

1. Create an official definition of a lead and share it with your staff.
One of the biggest areas of disconnects is establishing a concrete definition for a lead at your firm. When does a prospect become a lead that a salesperson will actually work on?  For better sales effectiveness, all of your employees could benefit from a lead definition that determines when an actual lead is created that should be forwarded to sales.

2. Always track the lead source for your marketing campaigns.
These days, people have a presence on both traditional (television, radio, print advertising, direct mail, events, and public relations) and digital (websites, email, social media, and online advertising) forms of advertising. But are you tracking how your leads are find you and which ones they interact with during lead nurturing? If not, you need implement this as soon as you can. This is important to capture so you can track what has worked best. If you don’t capture the source, you have no way of figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

3. Hand off your most qualified leads to sales quickly.
Numerous studies have shown that if your sales team responds within the first 48 hours of a prospect first contacting you, your closing rate goes up substantially. Stop for a moment and think about your own personal experiences with online shopping. Imagine that you are interested in buying something and find the desired item on two websites. You have a question that needs answered before your buy, and one vendor responds within the first 48 hours and the second one takes over a week to answer you. From which vendor would you buy?

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Sales Lead Tracking Software

4. Nurture your leads.
Though this does vary depending on the services and products your business offers, it is not unusual for people to need some coaxing before they are ready to buy. You should be always tracking your lead sources, which is great. So, use all the resources you have available to you to inform the customer about your brand, what you do, and how your business can help solve a pain point they have better than your competitors. This will warm up the lead and not only make sales calls more pleasant, but will provide valuable touch points until they are ready to buy.

5. Treat your prospects like customers and your customers like family.
The golden rule says to treat others how you want to be treated. This is especially true in the world of sales. Instead of trying to work a lead with smooth talk and false promises, be sincere, be honest and get to know them and how they are and how you can help.  Care about their success as much as your own.  If you approach selling to prospects – and up-selling / cross-selling to customers – with this in mind, you will build trust and this will cause them to want to engage with your sales team further.

6. Hold regular meetings with sales staff and software administrators.
Sales lead tracking software, by its very nature is organic and will likely grow and evolve over time. You should plan to meet with your sales team and anyone from within your organization that oversees the administration of your sales lead tracking software once a month or once a quarter.  This will allow you to discuss the quality of the leads being passed along, wins and losses, lessons learned, and ways to tweak and edit the system to maximize its effectiveness for your team.


Sales Lead Tracking Software

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Are these any tips and trick that you use to maximize your sales lead tracking software?  If there is one that we missed we want to know! Share your feedback and tips in the comments below!