Just starting a new job?  Not meeting your sales goals lately?  There are a multitude of factors that can bring down your confidence, especially in the sales industry.  It’s important to remember to keep your head high and don’t let a string of rejections affect you.  Whether you do business over the phone or in person, below are 6 ways to help build your confidence in any sales environment:


1.  Become an expert in your field.  Having knowledge and continuing to build upon that allows you to grow as a sales person and truly is the number one way to be confident in what you are saying.  Nothing is worse than feeling confused during a potential sale or trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about when you don’t.  People can tell.


2.  Use the person’s name.  Everyone loves hearing their own name, and it shows that you are comfortable speaking to them.


3.  Be positive.  Don’t trash talk your competition, coworkers, or yourself.  First of all, nobody wants to listen to negativity and it’s not going to help you get a sale.  Secondly, it makes you appear less confident in your services.  Next time you are asked how you differ from the competition, instead of taking negatively about them, talk positively about your product or service and highlight features or benefits that you know set you apart.  It’s always possible to put a positive spin on things.  Also, SMILE!


4.  Attire.  It’s a universal truth – when you look good, you feel good.  By dressing the way you would like to feel will get you one step in the right direction.  Try to dress one step above the dress code.  For example, a “relaxed” dress code does not mean jeans and a wrinkly shirt.  Dressing and looking the part will get you halfway there, and will make people take you more seriously.


5.  Stop apologizing.  People who have low confidence tend to constantly apologize when it’s not necessary.  Have an opposing opinion?  Speak up and stick to your guns!  That is never something to apologize for, and will demand respect from your coworkers.  Of course, there is always a limit.  Firmly stating your opinion is one thing, but (see #3) it should be done in a positive manner.  Undermining your superior or throwing a coworker under the bus will give you the opposite result.


6.  Review your success.  When you make a sale, ask yourself why you think it went well.  Evaluating your performance will help you build confidence by reminding yourself about your strengths, and will help you make positive changes in your approach.  Simply doing the same thing over and over is a recipe for disaster, and is the easiest way to find yourself in a sales slump.