Owning a real estate agency can be a challenge. Here are some practical tips for success.

When you started your real estate agency, you probably liked the idea of working for yourself and having more freedom. Being your own boss has its benefits, but owning a real estate agency is still hard work. Whether you aspire to have a highly-specialized boutique or just be part of a larger franchise, owning a real estate agency of any type requires the same things to achieve success. Below you’ll find tips to help your business become more successful.

1. Talk to other owners and gather ideas.

Even if you feel that you have a unique background that will help your real estate agency stand out, a great first step is to talk to others with experience owning a real estate agency or a successful business. If you need help finding other business owners, networking and fundraising events in your local community are a great place to start. Unless someone feels that you are the competition, she is usually more than willing to discuss with you what has worked well and what has not. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • What has been your biggest challenge?
  • What is the one thing you wish someone had told you when you first got started?
  • What has surprised you the most about owning a real estate agency (or business)?

These are just a few ideas. Keep track of your findings and jot down questions as they occur on the job.

2. Realize you can’t do it all by yourself.

Owning a real estate agency that is successful means knowing when you should get outside help. If necessary, your business can hire outside specialists. For example, you likely have a solid idea concerning how to get and retain clientele but need you may need assistance in marketing and advertising. Resist the urge to try to figure out how to become an effective marketer or graphic designer all on your own. If you want your agency to have a solid and professional brand image, hire someone on a freelance or a contract basis to assist you. Additionally, if you need assistance with managing your company’s finances, hire an experienced accountant. If you attempt to wear too many hats, you will feel overwhelmed and will get burned out.

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3. Resist the urge the skimp on advertising.

Owning a real estate agency that makes money requires you work on a solid mix of business and marketing objectives that will help your company thrive. As a small business owner, you might feel the need to slash the marketing budget when you need to make ends meet. However, effective marketing materials such as a website, direct mailers, and print and digital ads will assist you in creating and maintaining a professional brand image. The investment in good and meaningful marketing pieces is always a smart investment. If you are a stand-alone real estate agency, consider hiring a graphic designer or professional firm that will create a logo that gets you noticed. Brand recognition is essential if you want to stand out.

4. Hire good, experienced real estate agents.

Owning a real estate agency means that you will see where the knowledge and sales gaps exist at your company. If you want your business to become a real force in your community, you need to seek out and retain top talent. People who work in real estate are often independent and have an entrepreneurial spirit. So, if you have, or will have, a new and thriving real estate agency, your business might be very desirable for agents looking for a place where they can grow in their careers.

5. Find ways to show your clients your appreciation.

Real estate is an industry that is often based on referrals. For instance, when someone purchases a home, he may recommend his agent to a few friends. However, it can be challenging to keep your agency at the top of a client’s mind. This is where a memorable thank you can make a big impact. Host a holiday party with free food, drinks, and entertainment to thank them for making your year a success. If your clientele is mostly female, consider having a spa night for your customers where they can get manicures or pedicures. Make sure that your customers always know that they are important and valued. In the end, it will likely pay off with the referrals that you’ll receive.

6. Take breaks to avoid burn out.

There is sometimes value in doing nothing. While this might seem counterproductive, the rationale behind this tip is very important. As a business owner, part of your job is to hire enough staff to cover for you while you are out of the office. You need to have a life outside of work, otherwise, what’s the point of being successful? If you are so overworked that you find it tough to just relax and enjoy quiet time with your family, then you aren’t balancing your time effectively. Make time for yourself. In the end, it will help you to become more successful and happier in your career. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and small businesses, which is why we are inviting to sign up for a free demo or request your free trial today and try Blitz for yourself. Once you give Blitz Sales Software a try, we are confident that your business will appreciate how it can help increase your long-term growth.

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Do you have any words of wisdom from your years of owning a real estate agency? What has worked best and what hasn’t worked out so well? Please post your tips with your audience and post your comments below.