There are a couple basics to writing effective emails that can be applied across all email forms. The first basic is to keep the message short. The second rule is to make it easy for the recipient to do what you want them to do. Writing a successful sales email, however, requires a bit more than the basics: you need the right recipe.

If you’re a business using contact management software like Blitz, you know just how important it is to connect with your leads. That’s the reason why you should take a few minutes to create the perfect email template for your next email campaign. In addition to having email templates, Blitz contact manager is also equipped to automate emails, so you’re able to automatically and effortlessly push out emails to everyone in your sales campaign.

Below are 6 steps to writing attention-grabbing and successful emails.

1.)  The subject line is important

One of the biggest mistakes of email writing is overlooking the subject of the email. If you don’t give it any importance, why should your lead? You want the subject line to catch your lead’s attention. An attention-grabbing technique you can use is to mention a mutual contact or give a small fact. If your email’s subject line contains something interesting, prospects will be more likely to open it.

2.)  Don’t downplay formality

I realize that this is not the 1800’s. In this more globalized world, calling new acquaintances by their first names isn’t a huge faux pas. However, some people are offended by informality. Addressing your leads with Mr. or Ms. and their last name helps you avoid offending anyone and can be an impressive sign of respect.

3.)  Get to the point

No one wants to read a long, rambling email. Break the email up into short paragraphs of 2-3 sentences and tell your prospects right away why you’re contacting them.

4.)  Include a sales message

Of course, the reason you’re sending an email is to sell the lead your product or service. In addition to explaining what your product is, you should your prospects how it benefits them specifically. For example, you can say something like, “Our customers hire us to ______.” Let them know that you’re not just trying to sell them something, but also trying to improve their lives in some way.

5.)  Keep it simple

Don’t invite prospect to commit to a time to meet with you right away. They might not be inclined to take time out of their day to speak with you if they aren’t sure about your product. Instead, offer to send them more information if they reply to the email.

6.)  Think about your signature

At the end of the email, your signature should have your name and contact information. Include your phone number and company website so prospects can easily get in touch with you if you’ve caught their interest.