Closing more deals and increasing revenue can be challenging. Our proven and effective tips to improve sales performance at your organization can help.

When it comes to sales, it is said that there is one universal truth. It doesn’t matter how great your project or service may be, if you have an inefficient sales process your business will eventually fail.  The inefficiencies in your sales process may exist in a variety of areas. It might be a training issue, a teamwork problem, and issue with motivation, inability to use or understand sales data, or even an internal communication matter. If you are a leader at your company and you want your business to succeed, we have 6 proven tips to improve sales performance.

1. Ensure you are training your sales staff properly. There is no magic formula to training your employees. A good place to start is to consider the needs of your target audience, and how your product or service will meet those needs.  Consider reinforcement through both in-person training sessions and handouts as well as observing your sales staff in the field.  This will assist you in understanding what is being retained by your sales team and in what areas more training is still needed.  In the real world, this takes both time and effort but is the best way to ensure your team is reaching its full potential!

2. Work with the unique personality style of each sales team member. All of us are unique and have something special and unique to offer. The difference between a good team and a great team means knowing each person’s strengths leverage them to achieve maximum team efficiency and effectiveness. Each personality type can interpret information and make decisions differently. So work hard to keep your team motivated by allowing them to use their unique strengths to improve communication efficiency and effectiveness with your customers, and among each other.

3. Remember the basic principles of time management. One aspect of being a good salesperson is to teach your staff to manage their time properly. Some salespeople approach their day without a game plan. This can cause the employee to become unfocused, get distracted, and confuse free time with work time.  Teach your staff to block off time on their calendars for specific tasks.  This will allow them to not only be more productive, but also reach more customers and possibly increase their income.

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Tips to Improve Sales Performance

4. Invest in good, quality data. Take the time to always remember that you need good data. Most data sources should be regularly cleaned to ensure titles and roles are relevant and accurate, and all contact information is correct and complete.  Not to mention, ensuring from year to year that the contacts that each organization is still accurate.  At all businesses, employees come and go, so you need to keep that data up-to-date.  Ask your sales team to update their contacts and make this part of their quarterly or bi-annual routine to keep your data is good shape.

5. Instead of higher commissions, consider how you can inspire your sales staff. If you want to select just one from our list of tips to improve sales performance, this is it. To get your sales team excited and ready to work, sometimes offering higher commission checks does not work. If this has happened to you, then it would be wise to consider how you can make them inspired to go the extra mile. Is there a way to incorporate your team’s ideas into a new product or service that’s they’ve told you about for years that the customer has been wanting? Salespeople want to be able contact their contact with something that is unique and will excite them.

Tips to Improve Sales Performance

6. Try not to bog down your sales team with tasks that aren’t crucial to the sales process. If someone works in sales, then at the end of the day what matters is how much new business they are bringing in and how many customers they are retaining. Keeping customers happy and meeting the needs of the customers at all team is what matters above everything else. Work with team members in other areas of the organization to ensure that when member of your sales team has an issue with shipping or order tracking – for example – that your sales member is focusing their energy on the right tasks to ensure optimal efficiency.
Tips to Improve Sales Performance

lead-managerlead-managerTo be successful in sales requires good teamwork!  But you also need the best tools to help you put our tips to improve sales performance to work and close more deals! Contact us today to schedule a free demo and we will share how Blitz’s automated sales and marketing follow up system can help your organization increase sales performance!


What are some of best ways to boost sales performance at your company? Share your feedback and tips in the comments below!