Motivate your team with these effective sales training ideas.

What comes to mind when you think of effective sales training? You might picture a corporate retreat or boot camp, where you sales team dedicates a few days to learning new methods for selling. Those types of meetings are great and often yield great results.  However, effective sales training shouldn’t be limited to just producer summits. Learning is best when it’s ongoing, so why not include these ideas into your existing sales team meetings? Here are 6 ideas that will educate your team and get them out of their sales rut.

Tip #1: Chat with Other Departments
It’s a well-known fact that your sales team likely hates their departmental meetings.  Sorry, but it’s probably true. If your team is bored then they aren’t engaged.  If they aren’t engaged learning. One great way to shake up your normal routine is to invite people from other departments into your sales meetings.  At sales meetings, your team is only getting one part of the story.  Hearing from others at the company will provide them a fuller picture of the company, your customers, and both their needs and expectations.

Tip #2: Share Success Stories
Provide your sales team an open opportunity to share with you a success story that can be presented at a departmental meeting.  For everyone in your team to benefit from the success story, review it in advance to ensure it addresses the problem faced by the client, the solution selected, and finally how that choice has impacted the customer’s business.  Remember though, there are several ways to gauge a strong success story, so ask your team questions and allow them the opportunity to think outside the box and learn from each other.

Tip #3: Create 30-Second Commercials
For any business to get more customers it must speak to them with one singular voice and message.  If you ask your sales team to write a 30 second sales pitch that would best describe your company and why your products or services are the best choice to solve your prospects top pain points, you will likely get several different responses. One of the most effective sales training ideas we have seen is to determine your customer segments and then work on that your team would say in 30 second to that group.  This can even be a fun group exercise.

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effective sales training

Tip #4: Prepare Your Team for the Most Commonly Faces Obstacles
When your sales team talks to customers, they likely face the same obstacles on a regular basis.  A strong response to those road blocks will establish trust, credibility, and can help move those leads down the sales funnel. Allow your team to discuss and collaborate to craft a list of those objections that they hear and a response. Then have some fun and have your sales team to practice with receiving and responding to those select questions.

Tip #5: Practice Leaving Voicemails
Actors often watch themselves on video to learn how they perfect their movements and facial expression to improve.  Singers listen to themselves sing so they can improve their pitch and vocalizations.  For those working in sales, listening to themselves talk to customer would be extremely helpful. They key is to be concise, clear, and provide incentive for the lead to respond.  Have every team member write a voicemail script and then share it with the team and discuss why it does (or doesn’t work).

Tip #6: Share Something Newsworthy
Throughout the internet, there are thousands of articles and videos that have useful and timely lessons that would be effective sales training for your staff. Have everyone in your sales department take turns finding an article or video prior to each meeting to share discuss. This helps to keep your team up-to-date on the latest trends while allowing them to learn from each other.

effective sales training

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We want to hear how you have implemented effective sales training tips at your company. Share your success stories with our audience. We’d love to hear from you!