Blitz makes it simple to delegate follow up within staff by providing several ways to distribute leads.  Since each employee fits into the sales process differently, and since most businesses are working with a variety of lead sources, it’s important to handle each lead or group of leads differently.  Some leads are higher priority, and some might be worked by several staff members along the way.  Below are the 5 ways Blitz will make your lead distribution simple:


1. Automatically assign new leads

When new leads automatically drop into Blitz, whether from a web lead provider, a Blitz web form, or your own custom website form, an auto assign group can be applied to ensure the lead will be worked immediately.  The user the lead is assigned to will receive an email notification as the lead is entered, and an appointment will be automatically added to their schedule.  To create an auto assign group, go to Administration > Auto Assign Groups.  To designate an auto assign group for a lead provider or form, select your group in the dropdown box on the setup page.  (Note: Many users also choose to use a pull method, leaving leads unassigned so the first available sales rep can assign the lead to themselves.  If you choose this method, set up notifications for new leads in the My Profile tab.)


2. Workflow will reassign leads automatically

Leads can be automatically reassigned through Workflow.  For example, a business might set up a Workflow to automatically reassign new leads if they have not been worked by the original assigned user within one day.  This keeps the lead nurturing process going for every lead and prevents missed opportunities.


3. Manually

Users can manually assign or reassign leads on the history tab within a lead log.  This can be done either while adding a note or using the “Quick Assign” dropdown box.  Generally this happens with businesses using the pull method (see option #1), or when a user enters a lead manually.


4. Assign leads in bulk by percentage

Leads imported from a spreadsheet, or old unassigned leads can be distributed by percentage in bulk.  In Administration > Lead Distribution, simply select the campaign, choose the users, and give each a percentage.  Assigned users will receive an email about the new leads.


5.  Redistribute leads in bulk

Did you lose an employee?  Is someone falling behind on their calls or on vacation?  Leads already assigned can be redistributed in bulk by going to Administration > Lead distribution  and clicking the “Redistribute Leads by User.”  Select the user and campaign, then choose which types of leads to redistribute and the user(s) the leads will go to.  On the next screen, a percentage can be given to each chosen user.  Assigned users will receive an email about the new leads.