Does your gym or fitness center need to increase revenue? We have some items to maximize your investment in gym management software.

Every gym, spa, fitness center, and business should be using sales and marketing follow up software like Blitz. However, not every business is using their gym management software to its fullest capability to increase sales.  Do your sales follow up process need a tune up? We have 5 ways to increases sales with gym management software you need to try.

1. Upsell to Existing Members
Your current customers are often the best resource for determining how to most effectively reach your target audience. Use your gym management software to determine who has been a member the longest or visits the most frequently.  Those individuals would be ideal candidates to reach out to with an upsell or cross-sell offer.  Offer them a discount on paid sessions with a personal trainer, for example.  Does your gym, fitness center or spa sell merchandise? If so, offer a discount for a limited time and email them with the offer as a thank you for being a loyal customer. However before you start sending them emails, make sure that you are marketing your business properly.   If you need some ideas, our previous blog posts 5 Proven Health Club Marketing Strategies To Find More Clients, 8 Fitness Marketing Ideas That Really Kick Butt, and 15 Gym Promotion Ideas You Can Use Right Now are all good places to start.

2. Diversify Your Products and Services
Leveraging your gym management software to maximize your income makes sense.  Increase the value of your facility for your members by offering them new and innovative ways to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Is anyone working for your gym a certified nutritionist?  Offer your customers a personalized package to determine how to eat healthier to help them reach their health or weight loss goals. Research some options for nutrition, training, and even training plans can be offered to your members for an additional monthly fee. Then use your gym management software and Blitz to track and communicate with those who are using or have previously used those services.

3. Create and Communicate Special Offers and Incentives
People love a deal, that’s no secret.  One creative way to generate more sales for your business is to create an exclusive discount for current members, and perhaps another one for new members, and then using your gym management software and Blitz, communicate those offers to them via email.  You can offer a variety of things, including money-saving deals on training packages, nutritionist consultations, and even merchandise.  Plus, you can also use those incentives to hook previous members to rejoin your gym or fitness center.

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4. Ask For Feedback from Your Customers
Sometimes life gets in the way for people – I speak from personal experience – making it hard to get the gym as often as one would like. Use your gym management software to create and send short surveys asking for input on what they like or don’t like about your gym. Based on the individual’s response you can start that person to an email campaign where they learn about an alternative product or service that your facility offers that might be of interest to them.

5. Start Being More Productive
We can all use some more time in your workdays.  Gym management software like Blitz can help your business to reach more sales leads and customers at the right times with the right marketing message.  Work smart and not harder by using Blitz to help increase your productivity and streamline sales follow up tasks for everyone at your company with time-saving sales and marketing automation.


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How have you used gym management software to increase sales at your business?  Do you have any tips for our audience? Share your feedback in the comments below!