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There are a lot of factors that go into the hiring process: the job advertisement, the application, the resume, and the interview. Sales representatives’ resumes and interviews are helpful because they show that the candidates are able to express themselves professionally, but how do you know for sure that the sales representative will be a good fit for your company? Below we’ve covered the five factors hiring managers should keep in mind when hiring a new sales representative:

1. Motivation:


Make sure to ask your candidates about what motivated them to apply for the job. Is the potential sales representative looking to earn more money because of an addition to the family or a new addition to his or her house? If candidates have these kinds of external pressures to increase their income, you can expect them to be harder workers than if they had no motivation.


2. Someone knowledgeable of your product or able to learn quickly:


If your product is something the average person doesn’t know much about, you might want to ensure that potential sales representatives have knowledge about your area of business. Take the time to discover their area of expertise. Perhaps the candidate has a degree in business with a specialization in science. Sales representatives who know the specifications of their product are easier to train and appear more confident to customers.


3. Previous experience:


Even if some candidates are not knowledgeable of your product, if they have previous experience in sales, you can expect their background knowledge to help them learn quickly. Check what kind of experience that they’ve had in sales. During the interview, you can test their current sales skills by asking them to sell you on your product. 


4. A good presence:


During interviews, you should keep in mind a potential sales rep’s personality. Ask yourself: will his or her personality fit into the culture of my business? And does the candidate have a personality my customers will appreciate or find appealing? The ideal candidate differs depending on your particular sales environment.


5. A thick skin:


The business world can be a tough place, especially in sales. Sales representatives shouldn’t be discouraged easily because of criticism from customers or supervisors. Look for a sales representative who can roll with the punches.