You may have heard it before: a lead is only as good as you make it.  Of course some leads are better quality than others, and it’s easy to just blame the lead provider for your low sales.  But have you considered taking a look at your process and making improvements?  Below are 5 key strategies to getting more sales out of web leads:


  1. Faster response time.  You are 9 times more likely to convert web leads if you follow up within 5 minutes.  When a new lead comes in, drop everything!  This process can be automated by setting up a confirmation email, or enabling an automatic phone call to connect your staff to the lead right away.
  2. Persistence.  How many times are you actually attempting to contact the lead?  The average sales person gives up after 2 contact attempts.  Increasing this to 9 or 10 can greatly increase your chances.  You never know, you may be just catching them at a bad time.
  3. Multiple methods of contact.  Some people don’t read their email.  Some people screen their phone calls.  Some people will only respond to a text.  You never know what you’re going to get (although you can make educated assumptions based on their age), so try everything.  Call one day, email the next, etc.  You’re bound to get through to them somehow!
  4. Consistency.  Consistency is what allows you to run accurate reports to continue improving your process.  If everyone is following up the same way every time, you can factor out lack of follow up or timing as a reason and focus on other possibilities that could be improved on.
  5. Lead Nurturing.  Sometimes you just aren’t going to convert a lead on the first try.  They may have just signed up with another company, they may not be qualified, your rates may not be competitive, the list goes on.  That doesn’t mean you can’t take another stab in the future!  By putting the lead into a lead nurturing process you can continue the relationship until the lead is ready to convert.