Grow your pipeline with these selling insurance techniques.

Regardless what type of insurance you sell, the common objective remains to increase sales and your pipeline.  The good news is that there are several relatively inexpensive ways to boost your business.  Here are 5 selling insurance techniques that are proven to be effective.

#1 – Provide solutions not policies
People hate sales pitches and scare tactics. Your best prospects do not want to be fed lines about how your insurance policies are needed to protect their assets.  People want solutions to their unique problems.  Help your customers to see that the policies you are offering them will help to solve either a problem they have not, or likely will own the road.  Work with your prospects so they can see that you are offering them far more than an insurance policy, you are giving them peace of mind.

#2 – Create realistic goals
Any selling insurance technique needs to be based on the attaining realistic goals. How many appointments do you want to book in the first week? What about the twelfth week?  What percentage of those appointments should result in a sale? If your goals you fear are a tad too high, don’t be afraid to set incumbent goal so you build up your confidence and feel that you are making strides in reaching your goals.

#3 – Surround yourself with success
You have likely heard the importance of networking on a regular basis.  Attend meetings, tradeshows, and conferences to keep on top of the latest news in the industry.  Seek out colleagues that have had significant successes, but have also faced some challenges that have resulted in learning opportunities and room for growth.

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#4 – Provide for your loved ones
One of the best selling insurance techniques for those working at an agency is to help them to see the importance of providing for their families.  Life insurance and annuity sales can be complex and might require resources and literature before your prospect is ready to move forward.   Be ready to leave document behind for them to read along with your business card.  If you are lucky enough to have access to marketing automation software, put those leads into a lead nurturing email campaign to make them comfortable with the idea of investing in policy.

#5 – Talk less but listen more
When meeting with your prospects, it is essential that you allow them to lead the discussion. Ask questions about their family, lifestyle, plans for the futureTake time to understand their needs and concerns, and then explain the benefits that will speak the most effectively to your customer.

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Which selling insurance techniques have you tried and used successfully? Are there any selling insurance techniques that haven’t worked? Please share with our audience; we want to hear from you!