If you’re looking for inspiration, these sales podcasts are perfect to share with your team!


If you spend most of your sales time traveling from customer to customer or site to site, you probably wish you could be more productive with your time. Even if you have Bluetooth on your phone, driving while talking on the phone can be both a distraction, and unproductive if you aren’t easily able to access backup documents to help on your sales call.


If you’re looking for ways to keep your brain active while traveling for work, let me suggest listening to sales podcasts. Sales podcasts are a great way to learn more about what is happening in the sales world. Not only are they educational, but they are motivational as well.


You can integrate sales podcasts into your sales training and team meetings, too. Pick one sales podcast from this list that adds episodes consistently and ask staff to come prepared to the meetings to discuss something they’ve learned in the prior month. To be more formulaic, you could assign a week to each salesperson and ask them to report back to the team on tips they may have learned in their podcast.

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Today we’re sharing the links to each podcast’s website, but remember, you can subscribe to these directly from the iTunes or Android store for easier and regular access.


1. The Advanced Selling Podcast


If you’re already listening to sales podcasts, then you’re probably already subscribed to The Advanced Selling Podcast. Hosted by Bill Caskey and Brian Neale, an episode is shared every Monday that tackles a new sales topic. The podcast only lasts about 15 minutes, perfect for learning something new while on quick car rides. If you have more time to listen – such as while waiting for a flight – you can download older episodes.


2. Sales Gravy


Jeb Blount, the author of People Follow YOU: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership and other books, hosts Sales Gravy, a podcast that shares a new episode almost every week. Similar to The Advanced Selling Podcast, Sales Gravy Tackles many sales topics, always keeping the conversation fresh and inspiring.


3. The Sales Playbook Podcast


Why listen to sales podcasts if they aren’t going to share practical advice salespeople can incorporate in their daily sales routines? Salespeople who listen to The Sales Playbook Podcast all comment on how fresh and relatable they consider the advice. Host Paul Castain is both relatable and interesting. You won’t want to miss this show.


4. The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling


If you focus on business-to-business sales, this podcast is for you. The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling, hosted by Brian Burns, discusses the Maverick Selling Method, which takes a long, hard look at the world’s best salespeople and showcases what it is that they do differently.


5. The Sales Management Minute


You may have promoted your best salesperson to a management position, but don’t forget to train them with management tools. The Sales Management Minute, hosted by Lee Salz, is perfect for any salesperson who also holds a management position in their company. Their time is split between advising customers and leading a sales team, and this podcast understands and addresses both of those needs.


The best thing about sales podcasts is that these shows are always updating, and new shows are popping up online, and in the iTunes and Android stores.


If you want to be better at your job, you’ll embrace these sales podcasts. If you want help with automating your sales leads, let Blitz Lead Manager be the one to guide your process.

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What sales podcasts do you listen to? Please share any additional suggestions in the comments section!