Here are some fresh mortgage marketing ideas to generate more business.

Mortgage marketing isn’t usually innovative but with these mortgage marketing ideas you can be. Here’s are 5 ideas to engage clients and increase loyalty.

1. Keep Your Data Clean and Accurate
Before your mortgage marketing ideas and yield more leads so you can increase sales, you first need to have solid data.  Data is what drives everything that you do in advertising, whether it be digital like email campaigns or traditional like direct mailers.  Clean data allows you to carefully segment and target your customers with the appropriate marketing message, and at the right time.  After all, no matter how strong your marketing piece is, if you aren’t reaching the right people then what’s the point?!  With email marketing being essential for any company’s marketing mix, clean data will ensure that your emails get delivered to the right people, and aren’t trapped in junk email folders or end up coming back as undelivered. Poor data will result is high email bound rates and lots of unsubscribes, which will negatively impact the deliverability of future email campaigns.  So if you aren’t sure if your data is clean or not, stop what you are doing now and take a look. It’s that important.

2. Get Creative with Email Subject Lines
Now that your data is clean and you are ready to launch your next great advertising campaign, one great mortgage marketing idea is to start thinking about the content of your email and the subject line.  People are busier than ever and multi-tasking has become the norm.  You only have a few seconds – some resources even have suggested less than a second – to grab an email reader’s attention.  That’s why your email’s subject line is so important.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Use unconventional and personalized subject lines to make them open that email instead of ignoring it. For example, instead of using “ABC: We Have the Best Tennis Shoes!” try something fun and personalized like “<<FIRST NAME>>, have you seen my tennis shoes?” or ““<<FIRST NAME>>, did you see who stole my tennis shoes?”

3. Try Boosting Your Facebook Posts
Despite what you might have read and heard about the possible decline of Facebook for social media marketing, it is still a great way for any business to get their name out there.  People are looking to Facebook more than ever for recommendations and referrals.  That’s why we recommend that you try boosting your post with a Facebook ad. They are fairly inexpensive and allow you to target who sees your ad both by geographic location as well as demographic information like gender, age, and personal preferences.  In addition to getting your brand in front of more people, this also can increase your social interaction and can be tied into landing pages, contests, links to blog articles, and much more.

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mortgage marketing ideas

4. Start Using Video Content
Original video-based content has the power to reach our target audience and engage more people better than anything else. If you want to drive more social media shares, comments, followers and likes, then you need to start using video to advertise your company. Videos can – and should – be used to discuss your brand, share customer testimonials, introduce new products or do product demonstrations and much more. However, if this mortgage marketing idea sounds like you want to explore keep in mind that it can be pretty expensive.  But you can still easily use video-based marketing to create short, informal videos and share those on your social media accounts. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personality.

5. Use Sales and Marketing Follow Up Software
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mortgage marketing ideas

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What mortgage marketing ideas has your company used to generate more business?  Do you have any tips for our audience? Share your feedback in the comments below!