Learn How to Gain New Clients before Your Competitors Do

Insurance is competitive, especially when there are other insurance providers in your geographic location. Having a good name through word of mouth is one way to stand out, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You need to gain new clients the smart way and by doing the little things that can make a BIG difference. Here are 4 tips to win over new clients before your competition:

1. The Intelligent Approach to Live Transfers

Many lead providers offer live transfers for warm leads. These leads have been screened prior to being transferred via phone over to you, the agent, and are in the market to purchase. Although they’re a great source of gaining new clients, you need to be prepared to manage them. One of the most frustrating aspects of live transfers is not having the prospect’s basic information readily available or in one place to manage. This leaves you scrambling to write down information on the call and you run the risk of mismanaging or even losing the lead for future follow-up. It’s a lead management nightmare! Sales software resolves this problem. With sales software like Blitz, live transfers with prospect information can be easily funneled into one place and managed instantly for future follow-up.

2. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

When you work with web leads, sometimes the leads will come in and you won’t notice because you’re too busy working on something else. If you want to be connected with new leads instantly to increase your chance of obtaining new clients, consider adding a hot lead dial from a provider like Call Logic. Hot lead dial works by ringing the phone of your choice when a new web lead comes in. From there you can have the conversation with the prospect and close the deal to gain a new client!

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3. Notify Me Now!

Did you know that 25% of your sales leads are ready to buy right now? That means for every one out of four leads you obtain, you could close. Don’t let an opportunity pass by! Use modern technology to your advantage and gain new clients. Instant notifications like text and email can ensure you know to follow-up with leads when they come in. Little things like lead notifications will make a big difference to ensure you’re in the know of new leads.

4. Make More Calls

If you have a list of leads you just bought for your staff, you’ll be eager for them to begin calling. However, your staff may not be eager to begin calling when they see the massive amount of leads they need to dial manually. One way to help your staff out is to use an auto dialer. By making up to 2-3 times the amount of calls, an auto dialer can help your staff find the ‘diamond in the rough’ from that lead list. This enables increased productivity in your efforts to gain new clients.

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Which one of these tips to gain new clients will you take into consideration? Or, what has given you an advantage in gaining new clients before your competitors? Leave a comment below and then click here to learn more how Blitz Sales Software can help you gain new clients today!