Does “checking in” with a new lead when you don’t get a reply leave you frustrated? If that sounds familiar, our 4 lead follow up email templates can help.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try our sales lead doesn’t get back to us. Before you type your next lead follow up email, take a look at your suggestions to capture attention and finally get that reply you need.

1. The ‘Friendly Introduction’ Lead Follow Up Email
Imagine that someone has contacted your company for more information and they were assigned to you, or you were put in touch by someone in your network. Now, you have to send them an introductory email. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Make note personal to make them feel like a person to you and not just another customer
  2. Note who asked you to reach out and why – or – what action by the recipient caused you to reach out
  3. Provide value to the recipient
  4. If appropriate, CC the person who requested the introduction so he or she can fill in any gaps

Subject Line: Introduction from [insert name or company here]

Hi [First Name],

I hopes this note finds you well and you had a great [note recent holiday, if applicable] in [state or city where recipient lives]!

One of our [position title of person who asked you to reach out] at [name of your company] informed me that you were looking for [note what the person receiving the information needs]. I am reaching out with some great resources and information for you that I am sure you can use! [List resources such as website links or document links here].

Once you have reviewed this information, can I ask a favor? Is there anyone else at [name of recipient’s company] that would also benefit from this formation? It would be great to share these valuable resources with others at your company.

Thank you in advance,

[Your Signature]


2. The ‘Informal Nice to Meet You’ Lead Follow Up Email
On occasion, you might have a conversation with a stranger with whom you share a mutual acquaintance. Due to having a colleague in common and meeting you, the recipient will likely be open to receiving an email. When sending this type of email, here are some things to remember:

  1. Remind them how you met just in case the recipient forgot who you are or can’t remember your name on his or her own
  2. Make note of something that you recall from the conversation to show them that you paid attention
  3. Having a strong call to action to keep the conversation moving forward

Subject Line: It was great meeting you at [name of event]!

Hi [First Name],

It was nice to meet you at [event where you met] on [date of the meeting]. It was great to learn [something that you recall that the recipient said during the meeting]. I believe that [name of your company] can help [name of recipient’s company] with [some pain point your company’s products or service can solve]. Would you have some time in the next few weeks to discuss how I can help you in your role as [title of recipient]? According to my calendar, I am usually free on [day/s of the week] in the [morning/afternoon].  What works best for you?

I look forward to keeping in touch!

[Your Signature]

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lead follow up email

3. The ‘Voice Mail Message’ Lead Follow Up Email
You have the phone number for a new lead and have left that individual a voice mail, maybe numerous voice mails, that have all been unanswered. It is certainly possible that the intended recipient is ignoring your calls. How do you get them to call you back?

  1. Provide value to the recipient
  2. Offer something of value such an online resource that can help them that you wanted to discuss
  3. Include a strong call to action to keep the conversation moving forward

Subject Line: Just left a message. What’s the next step?

Hi [First Name],

I just left you a voicemail at [note the phone number called] but wanted to send an email in case this was more convenient for you.

{Name of your company] can help [name of recipient’s company] with [how your products or services can solve their most pressing pain points]. [Recipient’s first name], I would love the change to connect with you to discuss your specific needs and some great resources that I know would help you in your role as [title of recipient] at [name of recipient’s company].

Give me a call back at [your phone number] or reply to me email if that’s easier for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks [First Name]!

[Your Signature]


4. The ‘Talk To Me Later’ Lead Follow Up Email
Sometimes no matter how hard you try the intended recipient just doesn’t have time or chat or it’s just not the right time to make a switch. If that happens to you, this type of lead follow up email is particularly important. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Leave the subject line empty (this has been proven to increase open rates)
  2. Offer tangible, relevant, and new information not previously discussed

Subject Line:

Hi [First Name],

I know that [name of recipient’s company] is unable to move forward at this time, but I wanted to send you some information I knew that you would want to see.

{Name of your company] recently published a [blog post / case study / white paper] on [topic of the content marketing piece] that is sure to help your company [how reading the piece will benefit the recipient’s company].  What’s the timeline for us resume discussions on bringing those benefits to work for [name of recipient’s company]?

Thanks ,

[Your Signature]

lead follow up email

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What lead follow up email templates have worked best for your company?  Do you have any tips for our audience how to follow up with leads more effectively? Share your feedback in the comments below!