It’s not easy to close a real estate deal. Closing a deal takes patience, persistence, and excellent people skills. Once you close your first, it’s a moment you will always remember and a feeling you lust after to make the next sale. In order to achieve consistent sales success, you’ll need the knowledge to set you above the competition. So, regardless if you’re a new real estate agent or an industry veteran, here are some tips to close more real estate deals!

1. Be Goal-Oriented and Plan

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but how many of the real estate agents out there actually set reasonable goals? Probably not that many. Why? According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of real estate agents quit or fail within their first 5 years of business. That is a HUGE percentage and enough for many to shy far away from the real estate game. However, you can become the 13% that succeeds by setting SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Focused and Time-Bound. For example, let’s say you have the goal to close two deals this month. Now, before we set this goal in stone, let’s ask ourselves the following questions in this pretend scenario to determine if indeed this is a SMART goal: Is it Specific? Yes, two deals are specific goals. Is it Measurable? Yes, by using Blitz, I will effectively track our sales pipeline and follow-up activities. Is it Attainable? Yes, considering I have enough in the budget for resources and am properly educated as a licensed realtor. Is it Results-Focused? Yes, by closing two deals, I grow my personal income, allowing me to make a living as a real estate agent. Is it Time-Based? Yes, I will close two deals in one month. Now let’s rewrite this as a SMART Goal: In one month, I will use Blitz to close two real estate deals so that I can make a living as a real estate agent. As you can see, SMART goals will set you off on a practical plan to help you close more real estate deals!

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2. Don’t Walk the Path Alone

Real estate is a grind, day-in, and day-out, which is why you should have an accountability partner on your path to close deals. Much of real estate requires self-motivation, so have a colleague help keep you accountable for your daily tasks and SMART goals. This person will give you the motivation needed to complete your goals and is someone you can turn to when the days are tough. Another way you can give yourself a competitive edge is to find a mentor in an established agent or broker. Look into your network or go out of your way to find a mentor. Learn how they have been successful and obtain valuable knowledge from their first-hand experiences. Then, apply this knowledge to your daily actions to shorten the learning curve!

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3. The Automated Approach

Automation is what has allowed countless industries to revolutionize, such as automotive manufacturing and construction. Why? Put simply, automation helps save time and money so you can grow your business in other areas. Real estate agents who use Blitz to automate their sales follow-up activities save hours upon hours writing emails, scheduling appointments, or sending reminders. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to imagine when you had to do the manual follow-up approach and risk leads and referrals slipping through the cracks. For years, automated sales follow-up was only a dream of salespeople but has since become a reality. Another way that you can use automation to your advantage with your cold calls is through the use of a compliant automated dialer. At one time or another during the course of your real estate career, you will cold call. The good thing is that this task is much easier than ever before. By making up to 90 calls an hour, you can mine the gold nuggets within a lead list to cultivate a sale!

4. Keep a Schedule

In real estate, days can be long. However, these long days are avoidable with careful planning. Designate an hour a week to plan out the upcoming week. This will save you time and headache later on. Write or type your upcoming tasks, then look and evaluate them. Ask yourself: Which ones are time sensitive (such as a scheduled appointment)? Which ones are simple? Or, which are most important (like a deal pending documentation signatures)? By asking yourself these questions, you can then prioritize tasks and add them to your calendar. Then, once they are done, mark them complete with satisfaction! This weekly practice will save you time and stress, so you can spend more time closing sales.

Close more real estate deals than ever before by signing up for a Blitz subscription or schedule a free demo to learn more! What are your thoughts on these 4 tips? Comment below or share your expertise on how you’ve been able to close more real estate deals!