No more excuses!  In today’s market, small businesses have a wealth of available tools for lead generation.  Just because you are low on funds doesn’t mean you can’t create an effective and successful lead generation program.  The key is to keep reevaluating your success until you have the right combination of sources, with the right process flow that will get you results the most efficient way possible.  Below are 3 ways you can be generating more leads today without spending a dime:


1. Social Media

Reaching your target audience has never been easier with an ever growing number of social media channels.  Using a program like Hootsuite allows you to post to multiple channels at once, and even schedule future posts to save time later.  It’s also important to be active.  Like and share posts on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and participate in or create a group on LinkedIn.


2. Your Website

Improving your website’s SEO can sound overwhelming, but you can start by taking some easy steps now.  Start thinking about keywords and make content adjustments as you go, while using analytics to track which pages and content are driving the most traffic.  Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools for on-site optimization and set up Google authorship to draw more eyes in online searches.  Also, make sure to have a multiple calls to action on your site.  In addition to your contact information in a convenient and noticeable place, consider adding an online form, or multiple forms for visitors interested in more information, white papers, newsletters, or any other content marketing in your lead nurturing program.


3. Ask for referrals

It’s simple!  Asking customers for referrals is part of a give and take relationships smart businesses take advantage of.  Some businesses flat out ask for the contact, while others choose to send the request via email or add a link to their email signature to make every correspondence an opportunity.  Either way, you’ll never know unless you ask.