online lead manager


Sometimes, all a sales representative needs in order to reach their sales goals is the right kind of motivation. With Blitz sales software, managers are able to motivate their sales reps to reach their selling goals by using several of Blitz’s tracking features. Three ways managers can track the progress of their sales reps in Blitz are by creating reports, checking the audit log, and looking at their dashboards.


1. Reports:

Creating reports in Blitz is a simple way to keep an eye on out on your staff’s work. Reports give you an update on users’ activity so you can see which employees are excelling, and which need some extra motivation. Blitz administrators can choose from a number of reports that will quickly inform them of their staffs’ status. The User Activity report especially gives you a bird’s eye view on the history users enter in for their leads, as well as which milestones they’ve reached.


2. Audit Log:

The audit log in Blitz Lead Manager displays all recent user activity. Administrators can filter the activity by date to pinpoint exactly how much activity their users have had with the sales system. You can also filter the log by user or action. The audit log is a useful tool for administrators to use when they want to find out the actions their staff has been taking and when they took them.


3. Dashboard:

By utilizing the dashboard, administrators have a quick, visual representation of the lead and user data. In the dashboard, you can see history for the lead log activity within the software. Administrators even have the option to delve deeper into the reports to discover the breakdown of the amount of users and statuses for each of the log types.


As an administrator, some of your greatest responsibilities are setting goals for your sales team and ensuring that they reach those goals. Blitz Lead Management system gives you all of the tools you need to effectively and effortlessly manage your sales team.