Keep Calm and Make Sales - Blitz Contact Management Software


Have you found yourself on a sales plateau?  With a tough economy and increased competition, sales reps are discovering it’s even harder to find that edge.  While it may be tempting to jump into new trendy marketing strategy, sometimes it just makes sense to step back and look at the basics.  Below are three things busy sales reps commonly look past:


1. Make it about the customer.
Instead of jumping right into your sales pitch, get to know your customer.  Ask detailed, structured questions that gives you insight into what they are looking for.  Listen, and repeat or summarize what they have told you.  Once you have more information, you can assist them with the purchase rather than pushing them to buy.  This will keep you in control of the conversation, and will build rapport with the client.  The customer will feel respected, and will most likely purchase again in the future (let’s be honest, up-selling is much easier than a cold call!)


2. Keep it simple.
It is too easy to forget that the customer doesn’t know everything you do about your service.  Building on step one, just tell them what they need to know based on their interests and concerns.  The rest can wait!  Overloading someone on information will most likely just scare them away.


3. Follow up.
In a perfect world, you would get the sale during the first call or appointment.  When this doesn’t happen, always try to secure that next appointment.  If it’s in the books, the pressure is off and you don’t have to spend valuable time chasing them.  However, when an appointment is not set, it is important to have a well-defined follow up process.  Even better, automate this process by using a
sales software automation feature like Blitz Lead Manager’s Workflow.