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Google Plus is a social networking site that’s not to be ignored. Setting up your business account early can result in a massive amount of followers. Accounts on Google+ are free and are a great way to connect with customers who might be searching for you from their phones, via Google Maps, or on Google+. Google Plus is a superb outlet for building relationships with your customers because you can interact with them in a number of ways. In addition to being interactive, Google+ can increase the visibility of your product. Below we’ll highlight several of the features that we think makes Google Plus the perfect platform for business:


1. Communities
The communities’ feature on Google+ invites different groups to congregate around particular interests. If you’re using Google Plus for your business, you’re able to join the community as a brand. In Facebook, this feature is off-limits to businesses. By joining communities in Google+, your company is able to interact with potential customers and influencers.


2. Hangouts
Google Hangouts are unique to Google+. In a Google Hangout, you’re able to start a chat conversation with multiple users at one time. Google Hangouts also allow you to video chat with other users. In a business setting, Google Hangouts can be used to organize a panel discussion about using your product, or even do a live product demonstration.


3. Circles
In Google+, you can separate users you add into different groups: friends, family, acquaintances, and following, to groups you define yourself. Then when you share pictures or posts, you can specify which group you’d like to share with. This cuts down on irrelevant posts and allows you to target specific audiences.