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Hey Chief, put down the cattle prod. There’s an easier way to motivate your sales staff to work hard. Blitz Web-Based Contact Manager has all the tools you need to monitor your staff’s activities. Read the following three methods below to ensure that your employees are working to the best of their abilities (cattle prod not included):


1.    Check the reports


The reporting tool in Blitz is helpful for quickly getting an idea of how an employee is using the sales software. You can generate reports that show how many sales an employee has made, what sales an employee has done, or how many appointments an employee has set. Available reports can be found under the administration tab. For more information on how to access and utilize the reporting tool in Blitz, check out this video.


2.    Take note of their neglected leads


This second method is a simple way of checking whether or not your employees are punctual in updating their leads. Neglected leads are leads whose appointments have passed but have had no history added for them. If you select “neglected leads” from the leads tab, you’ll be able to see all neglected leads, as well as the users to whom they’re assigned. You can also quickly glance at neglected leads from the “neglected leads” tab on your My Blitz page. Watch this video to learn more about monitoring your employees’ neglected leads.


3.    Use Blitz’s webinars or any of our resources


Finally, the best way to keep your sales staff at peak performance is to make sure they’re knowledgeable about the many ways in which they can use Blitz sales software. Blitz offers free webinars where employees can learn how to use the software with one of our experienced presenters. Blitz Blog also contains helpful tips on how to enhance your use of our software, and Blitz TV takes users step-by-step through certain functions of Blitz. To learn more about using Blitz’s resources to train your sales team, check out this blog post.


By checking on employees’ usage of Blitz, you’re able to make them accountable for their work. Gaining an idea of how employees are using the system will allow you to ensure that each employee is reaching their potential.