Using web based software like Blitz allows businesses to assign leads easily and to the right sales reps.  Many Blitz users have multiple locations using one account, so need to assign leads according to zip code (or city, or any other criteria for that matter).  Below are two simple ways to assign leads by zip code:


1.  Quick Assign in bulk

Do this if you have a smaller list or would like to only assign part of a list.


  1. Either import a new list, or choose to reassign existing leads.  Click here for a video on importing in Blitz.
  2. Open the campaign you would like to assign by going to Leads > Lead List.
  3. Click “Show Filter Options” in the dark blue bar.  To filter on zip code, type the zip code into the filter text box, click the filter button, and select “Contains.” This will only show contacts within that zip code.
  4. To assign leads quicker, make the page size 50.
  5. Using the top check box to the left of the contact names, select all contacts on the page.
  6. Once names are selected, an “Assign To” box will appear.  Use this dropdown to assign leads to the selected user.
  7. Repeat this process until all leads are assigned.


2.  Split up the spreadsheet

Do this if you have a large list or would like to assign leads evenly between several sales reps.


  1. Prior to importing, use Excel’s filter tool to select zip codes you would like to assign to one (or multiple) sales rep(s).  Click here for a tutorial on Microsoft’s website.
  2. Use your cursor to highlight & select the filtered results.  Copy and paste the results into a new spreadsheet.  Save the new spreadsheet using the zip code(s) or area the contacts are located for the file name.  Choose CSV for the file type.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 until your leads are split up the way you would like them to be assigned.
  4. In Blitz, import each list into separate campaigns.  Click here for a video on importing.
  5. To assign the leads, go to Administration > Lead Distribution.  Select the campaign, users, and percentage each user should receive.