Your business can find new buyers with these cheap real estate marketing ideas.

One thing that never goes away is the need to help your real estate company to find more buyers. There are many ways that you can use some effective but inexpensive, perhaps even cheap real estate marketing ideas that can help you sell more properties if you are feeling stuck.

1. Create a website.
Get creative with images if you can to really show off the properties strong points and generate interest.

2. Start using Zillow.
Zillow’s For Sale By Owner is a web-based service that allows you to reach millions of buyers all over the world. If you aren’t already using it, you should be.

3. List your property on free real estate listings.
Upload your property information on this great list of free real estate listing websites from ReTipster.com.

4. Post your property to Backpage.
If you haven’t heard of Backpage.com, you are really missing out. It’s a great place to list a property you are selling at a very low price.

5. Don’t forget about eBay.
Though you might think of eBay as only a place to buy goods, you can also use their auction or classified sections to promote your property listing.

6. Take a look at vFlyer.
Are you looking for a creative and memorable way to list your property? Then you might want to take a look at vFlyer.com for some great microsite options.

7. Join an online real estate investing forum.
Network and learn from other realtors and get your most pressing real estate questions about investing and get more properties sold, answered.

8.Post your property to Craigslist.
When looking for a free place to list that you have anything for sales, it’s still hard to beat Craigslist. It remains a good place to post your property listing for free.

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cheap real estate marketing ideas

9. Send letters to neighbors of the property.
A neighbor letter is a letter that informs neighbors of the adjoining property that you want to sell the property and wanted to inform them, or perhaps even offer then a special price (or some other incentive) in case they are interested, or know someone who might be.

10. Network with building inspectors.
Make connections with your local building inspectors. Due to the work they do, building inspectors often interact on a regular basis highest volume buyers and sellers in your area. Offer them an incentive of some kind though for every time they give you a lead that turns into a buyer, to show your appreciation.

11. Connect with appraisers.
While networking with building inspectors is a good idea, there is also value in talking to local appraisers as well. They are in contact with businesses and investors that are currently buying properties in your market and might have a good lead on a future buyer.

12. Reach out to local builders.
Another potential opportunity is local home builders. Why? They might be looking for a property that they can fix up and resell. They might be looking for a location for a new construction project.  So it never hurts to give this often overlooked resource a try.

13. Visit real estate auctions.
Tax sales and foreclosure properties ar e often saturated with cash buyers looking to purchase a property fast. Have a flyer and a copy of your business card or contact information handy. Talk to others at the auction and tell them about your property. But be warned, you need to ensure you are offering a good deal otherwise these savvy buyers won’t likely be interested in learning more about the property you are selling.

14. Get the word out with a magnetic car sign.
Create a simple, straightforward sign with the property address, photograph, price, and website or phone number to call on a magnetic car sign. Then go to a print shop like Kinko’s / FedEx and drive around town with the sign on your car. This will help get the word out that you have a great deal on a new property available that they can’t afford to miss!

15. Keep an eye out for “For Rent” signs.
Businesses or individuals who rent out properties might potentially be interested in acquiring a new property investment. These individuals or businesses usually have more than one investment property and may be interested in one more.

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What cheap real estate marketing ideas as your business successfully used? We invite you to share your tips with our audience by commenting below!