Email blast software will automate your processes, making your job even easier!

Looking to increase your sales? Thinking about getting in touch with current clients or rekindling old leads? If you use email blast software, you’re bound to increase your sales right away. Check out these 10 ways you can use email blast software to boost your bottom line.

  1. Follow up with leads who fill out your company’s contact form.

Using email blast software to automatically follow up with any leads who complete your contact form can be the first step to capturing the attention of a future customer. Since they took the initiative of completing the contact form, they are looking forward to hearing back from your company. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out and build a connection.

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  1. Follow up with leads you’ve reached out to who haven’t contacted you in seven days.

Often, after you contact a lead for the first time, they may need time to digest your offer or the cost of your services. So that you don’t need to set aside time in your own schedule to email these leads, set up an automated email that will check in with anyone you haven’t received a response from in seven days.

  1. Reach out to leads who haven’t responded to you in 30 days.

Don’t say goodbye to any leads just because you haven’t spoken with them recently. Set up your automatic email blast software to shoot out an email after a lead hasn’t responded in 30 days. It could be something simple: “It’s been a while since we spoke. Would you like to set up a meeting to go over some of the information we previously discussed?”

  1. Follow up with sales that have fallen through in a serious amount of time.

Twice a year or even once a quarter, you should reach out to expired leads. This could take little to none of your time if you’re doing it automatically. Set a standard “re-introduction” email with information about your company, and send it to an expired lead after significant time has passed. Ask for the opportunity to speak with them again in your email, and maybe these leads will turn into prospects or even customers.

  1. Reach out to leads before their contract date expires.

Don’t forget that your current customers are also sometimes your new leads. If you sell services such as car insurance, your terms could be for six months or one year. Reach out to your clients before their term expires to remind them how grateful you are for their business with the help of an automated, yet personalized, email. Ask them if there’s anything they need from your company, and if they respond, be sure to follow up immediately to ensure the resale.

  1. Share any promotions you may be advertising with old and new leads.

Are you running a new promotion? Use your email blast software to shoot out an email to current clients and possible prospects, instead of simply advertising the sale on your website or via traditional media. You’re advertising directly to possible buyers.

  1. Promote any website content.

Do you have a blog? Was your company just mentioned in a news article? Don’t be afraid to self promote with the use of email blasts. While we don’t recommend spamming your email lists every time you press publish, we do recommend occasionally reaching out to teach leads about your company and what you’re sharing.

  1. Share company news.

Are there updates to your software? Did you have a change in your policies? Collecting notable information and sharing it in one regular – let’s say monthly – email blast is a great way to keep your prospects informed.

  1. Follow up to specific situations with email blast software.

If you work in the insurance industry, do you have a follow-up form for accidents? Use your automated emails as a way to ensure your clients are receiving information in a timely manner, and without involving the postal service. The same goes for any other industry.

  1. Educate your customers.

Allow your leads to opt in to short-term email blasts with information that you can teach them. Think about creating content for an email blast in your specialty, such as a “5 sales tips in 5 days” promotion.

If the idea of an email blast scares you, we’ve got the best solution: Blitz can automate your email solutions for you.

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lead-managerLet our automated software simplify your sales process.  Sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of our lead management software and turn more leads into customers with less work!

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What is the best way you’ve used email blast software in the past? Let us know in the comments!