Follow these insurance sales tips to become the best salesperson possible.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or a newcomer to the sales scene, theses insurance sales tips can help you gain leads and remind you how to close a deal.

  1. Dress Professionally

The way you first present yourself to a prospective client is very important.  While we’ve all heard that you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover,” it happens all of the time. Always be sure to present yourself in the most professional atmosphere.

  1. Speak Well

Just as important as your appearance  is the way you speak. It’s important to be well educated in your company and product. Use a tone that’s welcoming, and be as educational about your products and its benefits as possible.

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  1. Be Respectful

No one likes a salesperson who is too pushy or doesn’t seem to respect a client’s needs or requests. Respect is an important aspect to the sales process. Show respect by being early to all appointments, staying organized, and following up with any questions or concerns in a timely manner

  1. Speak Less, Listen More

It’s important to educate your customers on all of the benefits and features of your product. By the same token, you’ll never be able to identify their pressure points or needs if you’re the one doing all of the talking. One way you can accomplish this is to allow the prospect to lead the conversation. If they seem hesitant to do so, ask them questions to get them to open up.

  1. Find or Become a Mentor

If you want to become a successful broker, the first thing you should identify are the other brokers you can rely on for mentorship. If you already are a successful broker, you understand the importance a relationship between a new salesperson and an experienced seller.

  1. Be Prepared

Sales is never scripted. As much as you may have certain expectations, anything can change at any time. If you’ve been listening to your prospect, you should be prepared for any objections they may raise.

  1. Sell Benefits (not Features)

Many salespeople often start selling on a product’s features. Think about the last time you bought a washer and a dryer. You were probably told about all of the cycle options and drying time. Since you can never tell what features a customer is looking for, selling benefits is the best practice. If you can remind them of the extra time they’ll be able to spend with their family because of dryer speed or how reduced water usage can lower water bills, they may be more likely to buy.

  1. Provide Solutions

Most consumers are looking for a product to resolve their current needs. Be the solution they’re looking for. Maybe your prospect has recently been shocked by a death in the family and wanted to meet with you to discuss insurance. Identify how you can calm their fear. Do they need to make changes to their current insurance policy? Is an increase in life insurance available to them?

  1. Network

It may sound obvious, but some sales professionals still claim to be “too busy” to network with peers and possible prospects. By attending conferences, trade shows, and meeting regularly with colleagues, you’re best able to stay up-to-date in your field, and meet like-minded individuals who will only help you succeed in your sales career.

  1. Ask for Referrals

A good salesperson knows that sometimes you need to ask others to refer clients your way. An even better salesperson does this before they actually need more business. Referrals are revenue drivers, and asking your current clients and colleagues to send referrals your way is a great way to build your business.

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Do you have any additional insurance sales tips to share? If so, leave them in the comments section!