Blitz Web-Based Software





1. Complete peace of mind

We handle the security, backups, and updates.

2. Secure and state of the art

Our state-of-the-art servers are protected at an SAS70 hosting facility and all communication with the server is protected with 128-bit encryption. Our servers are updated regularly with the latest security patches and they are protected behind an enterprise-class firewall. This is all done so your important data is safe.

3. Backed up daily

We handle the security, backups, and updates.

4. Always up to date and upgraded

We handle the security, backups, and updates.

5. Nothing to install, ever

With Blitz, there’s nothing to download or install. Just log in with the web-browser you already have (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari).

6. Centralized data

Everyone in your company with a Blitz license can see the same centralized leads and contacts. No more worrying about who has the latest information: Everyone has it. Also, with our mobile access available if you have your smartphone you have access to your entire database of leads and contacts.

7. Access from home, work, or the road

When you use web-based software like Blitz, your office is everywhere. At work, at home, a hotel, even at your client’s office. Blitz is everywhere with internet access.

8. Share across your organization or share with your clients

Web-based software is especially suited for collaboration and sharing. All users can access the same information and everyone sees the latest updates you apply.

9. PC, Mac, Linux

Blitz works on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. Mac, Windows, and more.

10. It saves you time

Never waste time with downloads, installs, upgrades, backups, compatibility issues, troubleshooting errors, crashes. Spend your time getting your job done.