Why use Blitz with your VoIP phone systems?

Blitz works with their VOIP system to make contacting leads, referrals, clients, and past clients simple.

1. All-in-one:

Is their company having problems with their VOIP service? Blitz has an “all-in-one solution” with the top VOIP phone providers. Our lead management system will save them money while improving the quality of their VOIP service.

2. Eliminates dual entry:

Blitz entirely eliminates eAgent dual entry. Blitz is the only lead management system that can feed their customer data automatically and get rid of those needless manual steps.

3. Intuitive sales follow-up:

Did you know that Blitz can automatically set-up appointments for their staff? When an email is sent by our lead management system based on the “x-date” or other triggers, an appointment is automatically added to the assigned LSP’s schedule to follow-up with a phone call. Never loss out on a potential customer again!

4. Automatic “x-date” sales follow-up:

Do they wish that their system could automatically remind their teams and communicate with their leads around the “x-date?” Blitz is the only lead management system that can schedule follow-ups and send emails around “x-dates” – and continue to do so – until they get the business.

5. Increase sales with more referrals:

Could their business use more potential leads for sales follow-up? Blitz lets referrals to get automatically entered into their lead management system with one simple click. Then work those referrals using lead nurturing until you win the account.

6. Never lose a lead again:

Does their lead management system automatically reassign leads to other LSP’s if they are not being worked? Blitz lets them track their leads and to give them the best chance of winning their business.

7. Identify neglected leads:

Identify neglected leads: Is their current system showing which leads have missed crucial follow-ups? Blitz allows them to identify neglected leads before they fall through the cracks.

8. Reach more leads with automatic requoting:

Blitz can not only save your LSP’s time by eliminating daily tasks, but using our intuitive sales follow-up system allows your staff to quote more valuable leads everyday – without any extra time, money, or effort.

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