Blitz Recruiting Software

Companies use Blitz recruiting software to simplify and automate their hiring process, while tracking and managing each stage of the process.  Blitz Recruiting Software can be configured to fit any company’s unique recruiting and hiring process, giving companies an edge over the competition.

quick-add (2) Automatically add new recruits

Bring leads in from CareerBuilder, your website or social media page, or from a list. Choose what information you need to gather, and set up different forms and lists for different positions.

exporting  Files manager

Easily upload and retrieve resumes and other important documents.

star  Easily pinpoint top candidates

Screen your extensive list of applicants using Blitz’s advanced filtering tool. Blitz allows you to narrow down candidates based on whatever criteria you choose!

neglected-lead  Automated notifications and reminders

Keep employees on task with automatic reminders. Blitz knows who to send the reminders to at each stage in the process, making it easy to collaborate with your staff and keep everyone in the know.

email2  Simple and effective communication

Communicate with colleagues and applicants using Blitz’s email tool. Set up automated email campaigns, send emails individually, or blast everyone on a list.

reporting (1)  Reporting

What makes your recruiting process successful? Which areas need improvement? Blitz provides simple reports to help you define what is working and what is not.

history-note  Customizable

Customize your account to sync your current process- define your hiring process, choose which qualifications are important, set up templates and forms, and more. Blitz’s custom settings are simple to use and update in just a couple clicks.

computer2  Get started quickly

Blitz provides free training and support. Your office can be ready to go after a quick one-on-one training session, or by watching one of our many available training videos.

opportunities  Affordable

Since Blitz is web-based, all you need is a web browser. Blitz is competitively priced, starting at $28.75 / month per user with no long term contracts. Pre-payment options are available for additional discounts.