Applicant Tracking Software

Businesses choose web-based Blitz Lead Manager as their applicant tracking software to create an easier and more effective hiring process. Blitz simplifies the hiring process, enabling employers to easily recruit and hire candidates while managing every stage of the process.  Blitz Lead Manager Applicant Tracking Software can be customized to fit any recruiting and hiring process.

1. Recruiting Made Simple

Automatically recruiting candidates from any web site or social media venue saves time and money

2. Easily Identify Top Candidates

Use Blitz’s staffing software to screen candidates by any criteria to quickly pinpoint top candidates

3. Communicate

Communicate with candidates through email blasts and custom automatic emails

4. Notify Staff at Each Step

Keep your staff on track with real time email notifications and reminders at each step.

5. Monitor and Save

Monitor recruiting and hiring activities within Blitz’s staffing software by tracking the best source of applicants and new hires and analyzing the overall effectiveness of your hiring process

6. Powerful Workflow

Easily move applicants through the recruiting and application process with automatic scheduling and track the progress with simple reports

7. Go Paperless

Attach files and screening questions to eliminate the use of paper

8. Free Training

Free access to Blitz’s staffing software training and customer service

9. Web-based

Blitz’s staffing software has a secure web-based platform for quick access anywhere, anytime

10. Affordable

No need for any complex or expensive hardware—all you need is a web browser. Blitz’s staffing software is competitively priced.

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