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Blitz is a cloud-based software used by insurance agents nationwide to automate follow up for any type of contacts. Our software increases efficiency, accuracy, and allow you to spend less time manually following up with contacts. Using Intelligent Automation, Blitz can make sure no contacts fall through the cracks and allow you to close more deals!

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A new era of contact management is here.

Save Time

No need to send emails or remember to make an appointment manually. With the click of a button, you can now automatically follow up with contacts.

Cloud Based

The software gives you the ability to work/manage your follow up from anywhere. This means there is no time for a lead to fall through the cracks.


Retain Your Clients

Have time to start following up with customers after they purchase: This sales software allows you to retain and cross-sell existing customers.

Boost Employee Effectiveness

Do your employees tend to forget to follow up with contacts? Blitz helps you coach your team on the importance of following up! The workflow feature automatically schedules appointments on your staffs’ schedules to make following up a breeze. By enabling lead update emails, management can easily see what’s going on and can help coach their team on better ways to handle different objections or complaints.

Improve Communication

Sometimes consistent communication can be a struggle. Blitz Sales Software has a feature called History Notes that acts as a saved database of information on a specific company/contact. Using this feature, your team can add any new information about a contact. History Notes also help other employees assist other team members because they have all the current information available about any contact. By documenting notes, your team will never miss a beat!

Join Our MANY Happy Customers

"Blitz allows us to maximize our time and customize our processes to make us more efficient. While this isn't necessarily easy to set up and achieve, once you get the hang of it and with get the help of one of their customer service reps., you'll be selling more business in no time. Alex (our account manager) is exceptional and top-notch!"

Andrew Neveils

Office Manager, The Chapman Agency

“I love the fact that it will send us reminders to make phone calls for leads and it sends follow up emails out for us. This is critical instead of relying on the human brain to remind us on every lead.”

Joey Lee

Agency Owner, Joey Lee Agency

"Blitz has been a lifesaver in our agency. Our sales staff can stay on top of all their leads. We have automated emails and scheduling that makes follow up more efficient. We could never reach out to all of our recontacts and requotes at renewals without the assistance of Blitz."

Beverly Wybersky

Office Manager, Wybersky & Associates

"Blitz is cutting edge and has allowed us to streamline our sales processes, improve productivity, and increase employee performance. I'm not sure how we functioned without it!"

Bob Armbruster

Owner & CEO, Clean Team

"Love the whole experience. We are able to customize it per user based on their individual needs and focus within the company. Blitz is very easy to use. It's customizable to our needs. It organizes the day for our whole office. The support I receive from our account executive is amazing. He listens to what I would like the software to do and helps to make it happen."

Susan Spindler

Senior Vice President, Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC

"Blitz is the BEST all Around CRM for the money! The ease of use, it took me almost a year to figure out how to do the things I wanted with my old CRM. I was able to set up all the capabilities I wanted with Blitz in less than a week."

Jason Archer

Owner, Jason Archer Agency

"Blitz has allowed us to better organize each team members leads daily to help remind us when a contact's contract date is getting close. This allows my team to reach out at the right time whether it be, by a phone call, or an automated email going out, we know Blitz has us covered and as a result, we're closing many more sales!"

Mark Moss

Team Lead - Inside Sales, Aline Phone Systems

Be More Efficient In Your Office

Blitz Sales Software is here to help! We strive to help agents automate day to day activities so they can spend more time connecting with contacts and closing more deals. Blitz puts everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips.

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