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Program Overview

Blitz allows you to close more policies with referrals, leads, customers and past customers by eliminating manual follow-up activities. Once a contact becomes sold within Blitz, the lead can be transferred to eAgent automatically for policy management. Leads can come from websites, mobile devices, spreadsheets, lead providers or just entered manually. Blitz’s fully featured system includes integration’s with CallFire (auto-dialer), VOIP providers, automated drip emails, automated scheduled tasks/appointments and simple lead tracking features and reports.

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Allstate Blueprint program overview

FAQ’s from agents about the program:

  • I don’t use lead providers, should I still purchase Blitz?

  • Answer: Yes, there are many of our customers that use Blitz strictly for referrals, customers and past customers.  Referrals are able to come into Blitz automatically from partners (using a web form), immediately assigned to a rep and part of an automatic follow-up process.  Customers can be targeted in Blitz for automated cross-selling and automatically asking for referrals.  Past customers can be imported into Blitz and be part of an automatic win back process.
  • I already have eAgent, do I need Blitz?

  • Answer: Yes, Blitz is actually integrated with eAgent. Blitz is for new business while eAgent’s focus is current clients.  Blitz will handle all the follow-up activities for referrals, leads, customers and past customers. eAgent is primarily used for the policy management activities for those current clients.  So, eAgent will store clients and prospects but does not look to drive new business to them. You are able to store clients but Blitz is there to help you generate more business no matter the type of contact and also keep eAgent clean from prospects and lists that have not bought from you.  Blitz automates a number of things for your agency:
    a. Automatically schedules follow-ups for my staff so the know who and when to follow-up.  Your staff is able to log into Blitz and know who and when to call.  If the user does not follow-up, the contact becomes neglected.
    b. Automatically emails contacts to try and schedule appointments and/or drive the next step of your sales
    c. Automatically updates x-dates.  If you do not sell the policy the first time around, instead of relying on someone to update your x-date, Blitz will not only update the x-date automatically but it will then schedule future follow-up’s and emails around that x-date.
    d. Automatically re-quote though a quote provider.  If you are using Robo-Agent (First Impressions) or QuoteBurst Typhoon, Blitz has the option to automatically send requests through either of these providers to re-quote the contact.  This makes sure that the opportunities are happening and it takes the manual work out of creating the re-quote.
  • Does Blitz act as an “All in One” system?

  • Answer: Yes, Blitz will integrate with all the necessary systems and partners so that you can get the best out of call systems that you need. These systems include:
    a. Policy Management (eAgent). As leads become clients (or even steps before), Blitz can transfer the contacts to eAgent.
    b. Internet and Telemarketing providers. Leads will come into Blitz automatically, assign to staff, get notifications and start the automatic follow-up’s.
    c. Phone Systems (VOIP). Blitz works with many VOIP’s. We allow for you to get the best out of your VOIP with click to call (Fonality, LightSpeedVonage, 8×8, Blue Ocean) lead/contact pop on call-in’s and more.  This allows you to get through more contacts with good speed and without error.
    d. Auto-Dialers. Call-Fire, Call-Logic and other dialers work right within Blitz.  The auto-dialers allow you to get through your contacts quickly without the manual dialing.  By having the dialer right within Blitz, you are not having to jump from system to system and update multiple places.  You will always be updating one contact and that is the contact within Blitz.
  • I am not tech-savvy at all, will I be able to use Blitz?

  • Answer: Yes, Blitz not only provides videos, webinars, webinar recordings, but we also provide FREE training and Support.  This includes doing live screen shares with you and your team to make sure you are getting contacts in and learning how to use a system.
  • What is workflow?

  • Answer: Workflows within Blitz automate follow-up activities so you are always in contact with any type of contact.  Workflow plans are created for:
  • X-dates.  This workflow is designed to provide a series of emails, calls, re-quotes around the x-dates.  If you don’t sell the policy, the workflow will automatically run again in the future.
  • Cross-sell. This workflow will send emails and schedule follow-up’s geared toward the product you are cross-selling.
  • Internet leads and Manually added leads.  This workflow will email and schedule follow-up’s around trying to get a hold of lead and making sure they don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Un-worked Leads.  This is a workflow setup to re-assign leads that have not been worked.
  • Winback Auto.  This workflow automates follow-up emails and calls around trying to winback past customers.
  • My data is currently in another system, will I be able to transfer it?

  • Answer: Yes, Blitz has an easy process to import data from other systems.  We will assist you in any migrations from other systems as well.  The migration will not only allow the contacts to be imported but also allow you to have your leads assigned to the same user/person in Blitz, set to the current status/milestone from your other system and have the lead sources match.

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