Why Allstate Agents choose Blitz?

Why do Allstate Agents use Blitz to Automate their Sales Follow-Up?

Yes, all lead management, CRM, and other sales and marketing systems have automated Workflows. Allstate agents have found that Blitz uses a unique approach that is called Blitz Intelligent Workflow™. 5 years ago, based on feedback from leading Allstate agents, the Blitz Intelligent Workflow™ was created to run every night at midnight by looking at segmentation criteria (i.e. Milestones, Statuses, Tags, and other data fields) that are unique to each individual lead, referral, client, and past client each day so that every drip email you send is custom tailored to that specific day and moment so that your communications are relevant to that buyer’s unique situation.


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Blitz Intelligent Workflow™ is used by leading Allstate agents for:

Cross Selling

Easily group customers to identify cross-selling opportunities, and automate communications to increase engagement with your book of business.


Track why you’re losing customers, and maintain follow-ups automatically to win back their business.


Give customers a simple way to refer you friends and family by automatically emailing them a form and reminder.

Contract Renewals

Receive notifications about upcoming contract renewals, and automatically send communications to ensure you’re maintaining your customer base without any extra effort.


Bring leads into the system and assign to your staff automatically. Don’t let any leads fall through the cracks by maintaining follow up with new leads, x-dates, past quotes and more.

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Top Features:

Segment and target contacts

Categorize all leads, contacts, and customers into small groups in order to send specific and relevent communications.
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Automated Workflows

Ensure that all contacts are being communicated with at the right time with automated drip emails and reminders for the sales rep to follow up. Automation should never be generic, or even appear to be automated!
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VOIP (internet phone) connection

Make calling simple with several VOIP connections available. For outbound calling, turn on Click to Call to get through calls faster. Always be the first one to reach a lead by automatically dialing them as soon as the lead hits the system. For inbound calling, display the caller’s contact information immediately on your screen when they call in.
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Improve team coaching

Keep a close watch on your sales team and follow-up processes to identify areas of improvement in your team, and potential new lead opportunities. Get automated email updates about staff activity, run custom sales reports, and search for leads based on any criteria.
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