Why agents are using Blitz for Cross Selling?

Cross Selling is a way to develop your relationship with each customer while both of you benefit from the sale. Why are agents cross selling? Each agent offers multiple different policies and with cross selling you have the ability to present multiple options and products to them without coming across as overwhelming. A major key in cross selling success is presenting the information as an opportunity rather than pushing for the sale. Blitz gives you the opportunity to put these other product lines in front of those who already have a policy with the agency through our automation.


Here are a few examples of how cross selling can be effective for both the salesperson as well as the customer.

  • Salespeople will increase their revenue if they put this into practice. If their customer makes a original purchase, it means that he/she also understands the value they would be receiving in the cross sale opportunity.

  • Cross selling can bring about  unexpected sales for the agents. When cross selling there is no reason to push a hard sell strategy. If a customer shows interest in more than just the original policy, they may be interested in adding additional policies which in tern increases your sales.

  • Cross selling can help develop a relationship between the agent and the client. These clients are likely to return to the firm for other various needs if this relationship is built correctly and the client trusts the agents opinion.

It is good to realize that this process may take some time to master but we feel it is important to realize that using Blitz gives the agent the ability to automate some of the more tedious processes for them. This gives each agent the ability to spend more time focusing on providing the clients with a great experience in the agency.

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