Why recommend that agents use Blitz in addition to eAgent?

Blitz is an automated sales and marketing follow up system, while eAgent’s focus is policy management. So, what’s the difference?

1. Before sales conversations

  • Segmenting contacts based on status, milestone, and source so they can requote, close pending proposals, renew contacts and cross-sell with pinpoint accuracy so you don’t waste time, money and morale
  • Automatically enter internet leads, assign them, send notifications and schedule reminders – no more manual entry in your other systems
  • Using web forms to receive web site visitors, social media followers, event guests, referral partners and other leads
  • Automatically schedule reminders and drip emails to sustain sales follow-up with leads and referrals until first contact has been made

2. During sales conversations

  • Automatically receive a phone call to connect you to new internet leads – so you’ll always be the first agent to call
  • Click to call and auto-dialers to reach contacts faster
  • Uploading any list on their own and identify the source so they can target their sales follow-up efforts

3. After sales conversations

  • Automatically enter new customer information from Blitz into eAgent – no more double entry of information
  • Automatically schedule follow-up meetings, calls and tasks…each day Blitz will fill the LSP’s calandar with who and when to call. Eliminate manual scheduling of to-do’s which may or may not happen
  • Automatically re-assign leads, referrals, clients and past clients that are being neglected or that need to be transferred to another department/person, so their sales follow-up activities don’t fall through the cracks
  • Tracking and reporting of staff and sales people
  • Automatically receive notifications the instant a sales history note is made on a contact, so you can monitor daily sales activities and coach their staff and sales people
  • Automatically schedule reminders and send drip emails to sustain sales follow-up with:
    • Leads and referrals until first contact has been made/ Re-quote Leads
    • New customers to welcome them
    • Customers to ensure they renew and to cross-sell them
    • Past customers to win them back


For more information on how Blitz works together with eAgent, take a look at the featured video on the right. This video goes more in depth of how together, Blitz and eAgent give you the ability to take your agency to the next level!

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